Get Set Jazz! Grades 0 - 2 (Piano with CD)

Get Set Jazz! Grades 0 - 2 (Piano with CD)

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ISMN 979-0-57999-902-7
(EAN-13 9790579999027)
Weight 142 grams
Availability In Preparation
Cat No. SP902
ComposerBen Crosland
CategoryPiano Solo
PublisherSpartan Press
SeriesGet Set Jazz
Difficulty levelBeginner, 1 - 2

The Get Set Jazz series

A favourite with the ABRSM, GET SET JAZZ! is an exciting new series of jazz, blues and pop sketches for piano or keyboard, with CD or downloadable MP3 tracks, exploring a wide variety of traditional and modern styles. Catchy melodies, arranged in the most comfortable keys will guarantee maximum inspiration for any student wishing to develop a natural confidence in both swing and straight syncopation. Every piece has been meticulously scored with detailed phrasing and fingering suggestions.

The first book (SP902) is perfect for students working from Prep level (Elementary), through Grade 1 and towards Grade 2 (Late Elementary).

The second book (SP920) will help students working at Grades 2 and 3 (Late Elementary) progress towards Grade 4 (Early Intermediate) level.

The third book (SP956) is for more experienced students looking to expand their repertoire. The pieces range in difficulty from approximately Grade 4 (Early Intermediate) through to Grade 7 (Late Intermediate).


  • 'Til Tomorrow Comes
  • Better Believe It
  • Can't Stop Myself
  • Coconut Rock
  • Crazy Drivin'
  • Hand In Hand
  • Heavy Weather
  • I'll Just Follow
  • In The Mood For Some Blues
  • Like Your Style
  • Ready To Go!
  • Remember The Day
  • Rounabout Rag
  • Someone To Love
  • Study No.1 "Easy Enough"
  • To The Left, To The Right
  • Two Hands Blues
  • Waltz In Blue

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...each piece seems to fall magically and comfortably under the fingers.

Fiona Lau for Music Teacher Magazine

He (Crosland) writes in contemporary styles that appeal to the millennial generation...Each piece has just the right amount of fingering and phrasing detail, enabling a good performance straight away...These are characteful, catchy pieces that you and your pupils will love.

Music Teacher Magazine

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